UTHSA Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

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The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Mass Spectrometry Laboratory is a Cancer Therapy and Research Center Shared Resource.



Susan T. Weintraub, Ph.D., Core Director

Email: weintraub@uthscsa.edu

Phone: (210)567-4043

Location and hours of operation

Hours                                                                                Locations

Monday - Friday


8 AM - 5 PM                               



UT Health Science Center | Long Campus
Medical Building

UT Health Science Center |Greehey Campus 

Room 428B

Room 256
7703 Floyd Curl Drive
8403 Floyd Curl Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78229

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San Antonio, Texas 78229

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Susan Weintraub, Ph.D.
Core Director
(210) 567-4043

Sammy Pardo, B.A.
Core Facility Technologist, Senior
(210) 567-6736

Dana Molleur, B.S.
Core Facility Technician
(210) 567-4159


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Members at UT Proteomics

University of Texas Medical Branch - Galveston

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Biomolecular Resource Facility

William Russell, Ph.D bill.russell@utmb.edu (409) 772-3579
Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
UTHSA Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

The lab has multiple modern mass spectrometers. Protein analysis services include molecular mass determination, protein identification, sequence and post-translational modification site characterization. Quantitative analysis of lipids and intermediary metabolites by GC/MS is also available.

Susan Weintraub, Ph.D. weintraub@uthscsa.edu (210) 567-4043
Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
MDACC NORTH Campus Flow Cytometry and Cellular Imaging Core Facility

The Flow Cytometry and Cellular Imaging Facility was established to provide access to state of the art cell analysis technology for researchers, and provides cell sorting, analytical flow cytometry, cellular imaging and custom monoclonal antibody mAb conjugations to its users.

Joan Hoover-Zuniga jezuniga@mdanderson.org 713-745-1749
MDACC Proteomics and Metabolomics

The mission of the Proteomics and Metabolomics Core Facility is to provide the research community with cutting edge expertise and services for sensitive, precise, and accurate measurement of proteins and metabolites using mass spectrometrybased technologies.p</p>

David Hawke, Ph.D dhawke@mdanderson.org 713-834-6096
MDACC RPPA-Functional Proteomics

Functional Proteomics Reverse Phase Protein Array RPPA Core provides cancer center members with access to a powerful, highthroughput, quantitative costeffective antibodybased assay to characterize basal or ligandinduced protein expression and modification, and timeresolved responses appropriat

Kathryn Aziz ccsgrppa@mdanderson.org 713-792-5743

University of Texas at Austin

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
UTHealth Proteomics Service Center

The CTPC services provided are designed to identify and quantitate proteins and their modifications in a broad range of research specimens from simple purified protein samples to biomarker discovery and verification in complex mixtures such as cell and tissue extracts, plasma andor other biofluids

Li Li Li.Li@uth.tmc.edu 713-500-2456

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