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Rodent Genome Engineering Core

Overview of Services


Established in late 2017, UT Health San Antonio Rodent Genome Engineering Core delivered its first genetically edited mouse line on January 2018. From a handful amount of received and completed Genetically Engineered Mouse Model (GEMM) system projects, we successfully cloned over 20 GEMM lines in 2019, and our success, commitment, and recognition are in constant growth.

Our services are summarized below.

GEMM Services:
(Our goal is to provide the service requester with at least 2 to 3 founders; germline transmission can be verified for an additional fee)

Transgenic Mouse Service (up to 3 sessions of micro-injection/~300 transferred 2 cell embryos)

  • Materials:                      BAC or other linearized DNA
  • Delivery Method:            Pronuclear microinjection
  • Default Strain:               B6SJLF2

Gene Targeting Service* (up to 3 sessions of micro-injection/~300 transferred 2 cell embryos)

  • Materials:                      CRISPR RNP Complex with/without donor DNA
  • Delivery Method:            Pronuclear microinjection/2 cell microinjection/electroporation
  • Default Strain:               B6SJLF2 or B6D2F2

*includes project planning, crRNA toxicity test, In/Del check, and founder genotyping

Other Services:

  • In-Vitro Fertilization
  • Sperm Cryo-preservation
  • Rederivation
  • Genotyping
  • Molecular Cloning

As we move forward, we will be providing Rat Genome Engineering service as well in near future.
You can find more information on our website at:



Top pictures from left to right: Electroporation and Microinjection setup

Bottom pictures from left to right: Pronuclear and 2-cell microinjection 




Dr. Qian Shi | Scientific Director
(210) 567-4381

Location and hours of operation

Hours   Location

Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM

Med. 330C

7703 Floyd Curl Drive
 San Antonio, TX 78229

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Qian Shi, Ph.D.
Scientific Director
(210) 567-4381
Med. Bldg. Rm 334.5D

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