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Lab Animal Resources

Overview of Services in iLabs

Research Team uses:

  • Request a budget estimate (quote) for DLAR services (procedures, space, supplies, drugs and equipment) for new protocols
  • View and approve services budget proposal 
  • Manage funding source (internal or external) 
  • Monitor veterinary services billing
  • View surgery suite schedules (email requests to

DLAR uses:

  • Manage initial consultation meetings with research team
  • Prepare budget estimates (quote) for protocol related veterinary services and obtain PI approval
  • Standardize fees (charge master)
  • Document completion of projected services and additional services
  • Bill responsible party through the internal IDT process or external invoicing


Sander Hacker, VMD | Director, LAR

Cynthia Perez | Associate Director, Finance & Administration

Links and Resources


Name Role Phone Email Location
DLAR Main Office
Billing Questions
MED 113D
Vet Techs
Suite/Room Reservations
MED 113D
MED 113D

Available Equipment and Resources

Name Price
Initial Consultation with Vet Staff for New Protocols View calendar