UTHSA Bioanalytics and Single-Cell Core

Overview of Services

Provides standardized, high-quality services to support translational research, including pre-analytical biospecimen single cell processing and isolation procedures, as well as analytical technologies that deliver a systems-oriented perspective on the composition of a sample. Bulk sample platforms include Luminex bead arrays, high throughput pyrosequencing, and WES capillary Westerns. Services tailored for characterization of single cells include the following platforms:  immunofluorescence micromanipulator manual single cell isolation, DEPArray automated single cell isolation, Biomark microfluidic PCR, and atomic force microscopy. Single-cell based informatics services are also available.

Main Core Leadership

Nameer Kirma Ph.D., Director

Phone: (210) 562-4068 

Chiou-Miin Wang Ph.D., Lab Manager
Office: STRF 257 

Specialized Core Leadership

James L. Morris Ph.D., Laser Capture Manager

Phone: (210) 567-8389

Email: MorrisJL@uthscsa.edu

Pawel A. Osmulski Ph.D., Atomic Force Microsope Manager
Phone: (210) 567-7259

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday





South Texas Research Facility 
Lab #257 | Mail Code 8255
8403 Floyd Curl Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78229                     

Links and Resources

  1. BASiC Website


Name Role Phone Email Location
Nameer Kirma, Ph.D.
(210) 562-4068
STRF 257
Chiou-Miin Wang, Ph.D.
Lab Manager
(210) 562-4068
STRF 257
Nicholas Lucio
(210) 562-4068
STRF 257

Services & Rates

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Fluidigm Biomark HD (6)
Luminex FlexMap 3D (7)
Atomic Force Micrscopy (AFM) (7)
DEPArray (1)
DNA Methylation and SNP Analysis by Pyrosequencing (8)
DNA/RNA Bioanalyzer (1)
Laser Capture Microscope (2)
Miscellaneous Project Orders (1)
Nucleic Acid/Protein Quantification (2)
Primer Design/Order (1)
Qiagen PyroMark Q96 MD Pyrosequencing (3)

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Bead technology (1)



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